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Cosmetic and Prosthodontic Dentistry Office in Boca Raton FL

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Our treatment philosophy is to provide our patients with the very latest cosmetic and general dental treatment available in a truly modern dental facility.

Modern dentistry is in a state of continual evolution, with technological breakthroughs and innovations occurring regularly. These developments lead to better, faster, and more attractive results for our patients, often in a manner that is less painful than might be expected. We pride ourselves in mastering these new procedures and in using the latest high-tech materials, because we know that’s what our patients want. 

We feel that patients get the best care when the doctor is giving them his or her undivided attention. As such, we are not a huge dental “clinic” where patients are routed in and out like an assembly line. We prefer to work with one patient at a time for more individual attention. The results speak for themselves.

For more information about our practice or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Braverman, call our office in Boca Raton, FL at Boca Raton Office Phone Number 561-241-1010.