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Kind words from our patients

Our patients are passionate about their teeth. Hear what they have to say about how Dental Concepts is helping them achieve their smile goals.

“…I have had about every procedure that your office performs – whitening, Invisalign, veneers, crowns, and cleanings. Thank you for your efforts and allowing me to still receive compliments about my teeth at age 64.” – Diana W.

“…The procedures were painless and completed in a very short time. The quality of the teeth are unmatched – just beautiful!” – Mary M.

“…Your staff has always been very friendly, accommodating, and professional.” – Donna S.

“…Thanks for making my smile match perfectly! I see that your practice strives for excellence.” – Marge M.

“…Thanks for restoring my smile. It is now more beautiful than it ever was. You truly are the best.” – Joan S.

“…I could never put into words how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me. You are a rare and special person!” – Nancy G.

“…Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of bonding my front teeth. They look and feel so much better, and they are beautiful!” – Marcia M.

“…I am delighted with my new upper front teeth thanks to your expertise and diligence. My smile is now happier and prettier! You and your team were wonderful!” – Anne B.

“…Want a great smile? Go directly and don’t stop, to Dr. Braverman’s office. I didn’t open my mouth for months after losing several teeth. With the help of Dr. Braverman and staff, my smile has returned and I am so thrilled!” – Judy L.

“… I think he is one of the most caring and trustworthy and best dentists I have ever been to. He has a wonderful staff.” – Debbie V.

“…Bless you. You gave me back my smile and confidence. I had a complex mouth and didn’t expect a miracle; however, because of your knowledge and professionalism you performed a miracle.” – Jackie C.

“…The people are great. The level of service is excellent. I have been driving 60 miles each way for 5 years – that is how good Dental Concepts is.” – David B.

“…Everyone at Dental Concepts is so nice. I trust what they tell me. My mouth and myself are healthy today because of the care I receive from Dr. Braverman at Dental Concepts.” – Ira B.

“…I love my new smile! Dr. Braverman gave me something mother nature couldn’t! My veneers look great and I couldn’t be happier.” – Rhodie K.

“…Dr. Braverman and his entire team work so well together and the relaxed office atmosphere combined with his gentle pain-free techniques negate the usual fear-factor!” – Judi T.

“…The dental appliance for my snoring worked great! I sleep and feel so much better and my wife enjoys sharing our quiet bedroom once again.” – Marc L.

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