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Denture Exams and Maintenance

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To maintain the optimum performance of your dentures, they require care and attention. The fit of your dentures directly affect your oral tissues, thus requiring an annual examination to ensure that they fit and function properly.

Medical and Dental History

Though they may not seem to be related, a variety of medical and dental conditions can prevent your dentures from fitting properly. Inform Dr. Carbonell of any significant changes at your annual examination.

Oral Exam

While your teeth may not be natural, annual examinations allow Dr. Carbonell to detect oral abnormalities, including cancerous lesions.

Tissue and Bone

Ill-fitting dentures are not only uncomfortable, they can cause bone and tissue changes as well. Our practice can assess your oral health and recommend solutions that will fit your needs.

Comfort, Fit, and Integrity

Ill-fitting dentures can cause a host of concerns, including bite problems, speech impediments, and tissue irritations. Left unchecked, these conditions can lead to more complicated problems in the future. Dr. Carbonell can assess your dentures to avoid potential problems and suggest solutions that will make you comfortable and help your dentures last.

Overview of Annual Exam

When you visit our office to have your oral health and dentures assessed, expect the following:

  • Update of medical and dental history
  • Examination of oral cavity
  • Assessment of bone and tissue
  • Examination of denture stability and bite
  • Review of oral hygiene
  • Denture cleaning and polishing

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